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How to fix the error "MSXML 4.0 is not installed correctly.It is required to run the game" in game

This channel based on technology and other information.In this video described that how to fix MSXML 4.0 error.

Download the setup :

msxml 4.0 is not installed correctly age of empires 3
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msxml 4.0 is not properly installed windows 10
msxml 4.0 sp1
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msxml 4.0 sp 2

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sammy narkar : You rock
Zayn Malik World : THANKS YOU HALP ME
TUT3 Henrique : TANKYOU
TONY STEPHENSON : Thank you very very much, needed this to carry on playing AOE 3 after it stopped loading all of a sudden.
Epic Beats : I hope you can get to 2k subscribers this has helped me and many people here good job :)
karan Pedhadiya : link cant open???
mr- Baher : thank you it is work :)
mehmetselim öcal : so thanks dude
Luka Vranic : Thank you so much man
Özgür DemirHD : THANK YOU <3

msxml 4.0 is not installed correctly


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Mohamad Sarhani : Thx man <3
Maelthas Divine : Thanks for this video. It worked. Jan 29th/2020
Ran Jan : Thank you
IRFAN Siddiqui : good
Admiral Des : didnt help, ty vm
Engineering Aid : An error occured during is showing, what is the solution?
BodikPlay AZAZA : Well done!
Sebastian Perales : thank you
Atharsh 007 : Thank u
It's working
HMD yR : Thx bro <3

Cómo Solucionar error MSXML 4.0 para Rise of Nations, Age Of Empires, Age of Mythology





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Error MSXML solución
(Solucionado) Error MSXML 4.0
Como arreglar error MSXML para Rise of Nations
solucion Error MSXML 4.0 para Age of Mythology
solucion Error MSXML 4.0 Age Of Empires
solucion Error MSXML 4.0 2018
Martín Diaz Lopez : 1:33 Suscribete, ya bye, adiós X"""D
Fierita Fierazo : Que genio.. pasé años buscando volver a jugar ese amado Rise of Legends.. y pese a este ultimo error.. ya lo pude jugar!! gracias viejo
VOLTCHAN : gracias bro porfin arregle el problema de rise of nations
Alvaro Javier Vargas Uriza : Muchas gracias.
Emilio Mini : gracias
Carpe Diem : Estás por ahí?
Me sale error. °Compruebe que dispone de acceso a ese directorio° ¿Qué hago?.
manueljose rosales : medice error men
Manuel Aleman : Excelente hermano funcionando 1/5/2020 un nuevo suscriptor y like muchas gracias
Jaume Miralles Castro : hola, no me funciona para mac, como puedo arreglarlo? Gracias
Ignacio Solá : crack! funca de 10


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