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The Nitecore NB10000 Carbon Fiber Energy Brick (10,000mAh 3A) FIRST LOOK!

The Lightest \u0026 Most Compact Powerbank Ever. Waterproof and Rugged.​ ➡ https://bit.ly/carbonfiberfree

Are you still using thick and heavy powerbanks to charge your gear? Imagine one at half the thickness and half the weight.

Then remove everything metal and replace it with super light, impact-absorbing carbon fiber.

Slap a super slim 10,000mAh battery in there. Max out the charing speeds at 3A.

Add industry-standard USB-C and USB-A ports and you have the new NB10000 Energy Brick.

A new kind of energy brick designed to be light, waterproof and airplane safe.

You can even go trail running with it to keep all your GPS and headlamps charged for those long ultra-marathons.

Carbon fiber also absorbs micro-vibrations, so you'll have uninterrupted charging no matter how you jump, run or tumble.

If you've been looking an upgrade to your clunky old powerbank, this is the best time to order the NB10000.

Click here to order your set today ➡ https://bit.ly/carbonfiberfree

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Official Facebook Page: https://bit.ly/nitecore-sg
Nitecore Owner's Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/nightwalkers-sg
Instagram: https://bit.ly/nitecore-sg-insta

Starline NB1000 10" Netbook

http://www.netbooknews.com Starline NB1000 10" Netbook a Hong Kong brand new into the Netbook Market.

ペンタックス Optio NB1000(カメラのキタムラ動画_PEANTAX)





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